On Civil Discourse

In 2008, all of us conservatives were lectured to play nice and just take the election results.  We were warned not to be mean.  Reminded that elections have consequences and we had better just take ours.

We agreed.  During the Bush years we said much the same thing.

Since the 2010 election, we’ve seen a return of the kinds of disagreement we got used to during the Bush Administration: (videos below the fold)

Then, after a Teabagger Confused Leftist Sociopath got shooty in Arizona, we on the right were told to stop being so evil and incendiary in our rhetoric and our protests.  Apparently because a bunch of right-wing Tea Partiers saying mean stuff about being over taxed and in debt can make some guy who never listens to the news go shooty.

According to their consistent behavior, Union member do NOT need to behave in a civil manner when they protest, because WEEKENDS, so shut up!!!

Yesterday, Tabitha Hale of Freedom Works was assaulted by a CWA Union member.  Obviously, it’s okay for a man to assault a woman if there are UNIONS involved.

Also, just so you know, only Union Members can figure out what sort of politics blacks and Jews are allowed to practice:

This lesson in Freedom and Liberty brought to you by the people who pay not one dang cent for their healthcare or pension.

And the Chinese, because they own us now.

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