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Neda Soltan – Times Person of the Year

The UK’s Times Online that is. They are right.  The footage of her death focused much needed attention on the Iranian regimes crazy time. Below are the videos of her death.  Why repost them?  Because the fight continues in Iran, … Continue reading

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Updates on Iran Protests

Go Here, Here, Here, and Here. If you want some moment by moment updates, you can get them on Twitter. Tehran Bureau Oxfordgirl Iranian News IranBaan (This one often tweets in Persian.  But half her tweets are in English and … Continue reading

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On Honduras and Democracy

Unbelievably, I am forced to note that the leader of my country has sided with thugs, murderers and avowed dictators on the matter of Honduras.  It’s not that I don’t believe Obama holds these views.  It’s that I am unable … Continue reading

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The Obligatory Michael Jackson Post

Our culture is in hell.  Seriously.  The insanity of the coverage over the death of an accused pedophile and drug addict who, also, happened to be talented; was outrageous.  And grotestque. This is what is happening in other parts of … Continue reading

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UPDATED: More on “Neda”…

Via Allahpundit – an obit of Neda. Time has a piece up that hopefully gets the cultural things correct in regards to the consequences of “Neda’s” death. If true, 40 days from yesterday the mourning will get even more intense.  … Continue reading

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Cyber War For Iran!!!!

Right now the government of Iran is not just “cracking down on journalism”.  They are killing people over there and are actively looking for bloggers and tweeters to shut them down. Guess what, we can help!  I read on Ace … Continue reading

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Chador Bravery – Iran & the (hopefully) New Revolution

(Picture & caption from Boston.com) A supporter of defeated presidential candidate Mousavi is beaten by government security men as fellow supporters come to his aid during riots in Tehran, Iran, Sunday, June 14, 2009. (AP Photo) # Hattip to Rachel … Continue reading

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