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Watch the Prophets – DIY TV Version

I will admit that I am a DIY sort of girl.  I LIKE to watch the shows where some guy finds a couple at the hardware store and redoes there Kitchen/Bathroom/Back Yard.  I love those shows.  I like Rock Solid.  … Continue reading

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America Rising

This video has been all over the blogosphere lately.  It’s good, to the point.  Except, like Power Line, I didn’t buy all the hopenchangieness of the Obama campaign.  I didn’t buy his whole “govern from the center” thing.  I knew … Continue reading

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Lord Monckton and a Greenpeace Activist

My goodness!  Verifiable science vs a religious belief system. Micheal Crichton is correct, belief in anthropogenic global warming IS a religion.  It certainly acts that way. The climate of the earth has been changing since God created it.*   I … Continue reading

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Absolutely Mother Beautiful

Al Gore has notoriously refused to debate Anthropogenic Global Warming.  Reason has an offer on the table to PAY him to debate and he flat out refuses.  John Stossel asked him to come on his show and discuss AGW, he … Continue reading

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Today marks the opening of the negotiations for the new anti-global-warming world wide treaty in Copenhagen, Denmark. While these people have preached, endlessly, that we need to not be so selfish and stop flying, driving and farting, they have hypocritically … Continue reading

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The Top 5 Offenders in Climategate – Updated

Barbara Hollingsworth has a list of the top 5 offenders in the twisting the numbers and exaggerating the science in the Anthropogenic Global Warming scandal.  Below is a graphic from the article. OMG!!!!!  NBC & Brian Williams are FINALLY addressing … Continue reading

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Climategateaquiddick – Iowahawk ‘Splains It

Iowahawk – the funniest man on the internet, explained the dealio with the leaked/hacked emails/files from CRU, how these emails/files impact the debate on Anthropogenic Global Warming and how all of this plays out on the global stage.    I’m taking … Continue reading

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I can’t remember where I read it first, but I’ve read it a number of times – the huge kerfuffle over the faked data, awful code, corrupted databases and political machinations of the CRU East Anglia cabal of Anthropogenic Global … Continue reading

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MOAR Not Warming

Anthropogenic Global Warming is getting to be a dicier and dicier theory.  The science behind it, far from being “settled”, is now itself worthy of being in quotes as it is proven again and again to have been the result … Continue reading

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If Manbearpig Dies Alone in the Forest…

Will Algore still profit? And if the damning emails revealed/obtained/leaked/stolen cause people around the world to wake up and see the lies that AGW has been, will the outcry be enough to forever end that stupid Cap & TradeTax bill … Continue reading

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