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OMG…Just, O. M. G.

Iowahawk usually makes me at least chuckle.  This time?  OMG, just wrong.  So funny.  But, well, really wrong.  I mean that in a good way. May I present – Sarah Palin.  In your brain.

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Updated – Sarah Palin Resigns

UPDATE: I’ve thought about Sarah Palin’s resignation most of last night and this morning.  As I have I’ve become more and more convinced that there is one man above all others who bears the burden of the vile/vindictive/insane attacks on … Continue reading

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Your Hatred Is Showing, Mr. Letterman

I’m not going to link to his vile “joke” here, just search for Letterman’s Willow Palin Joke to see it for yourself. It is unacceptable. Everyone is talking about what a has been Letterman is, what a hack, that he’s … Continue reading

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