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9th Century Sensibilities

A mistake in Toulouse, France results in a near riot. A woman is slapped, though she may have provoked them. (Which I take to mean that she was present while having a vagina.) Muslims need to learn how to be … Continue reading

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Teachers, Firefighters & the Popo

The sacred trinity of government workers – teachers, firefighters and police, are ALWAYS trotted out for any and all budget fights.  Any time budget cuts are brought up, the trinity is mentioned.  Liberal politicians site them as the reason for … Continue reading

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Watch the Prophets – DIY TV Version

I will admit that I am a DIY sort of girl.  I LIKE to watch the shows where some guy finds a couple at the hardware store and redoes there Kitchen/Bathroom/Back Yard.  I love those shows.  I like Rock Solid.  … Continue reading

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On Donations During Disasters

Obviously my thoughts are on Japan and the people there, but this is a practical matter that you should address even just in your head before you donate a penny to an aide organization. When I’m thinking about making a … Continue reading

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Together We Thrive ©

Reading about the Together We Thrive © Memorial Democratic Grief Rally, I was reminded of the times Obama came to the university I work for during the campaign and then after for the health care rally.  Thousands in t-shirts made … Continue reading

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Letter to Steny Hoyer, Again

I’m really trying to not comment here on the insanity that is the pundit feeding frenzy surrounding the Tuscon Crime.  I’m just saying, I’ll go public when I am more comfortable with knowing enough to say what I want to … Continue reading

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More Please!

Out of Egypt comes a story I have longed for and waited to hear for 10 long years.  I’ve been aching for this to begin.  I hope with all of my being that this becomes more common, that this replaces … Continue reading

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This.  It makes no sense. Well, it makes no sense in the year 2011.  It makes perfect sense in the year 911. Just saying.

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On Charles Rangel and Censure

Today Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) was censured on the floor of the House of Representatives for breaking laws and rules of the House. “We found his actions, and accumulations of actions, reflected poorly on the institutions of the House,” Lofgren … Continue reading

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UPDATED! This Is Where I Must Ask A Rather Indelicate But Necessary Question

UPDATE: It’s happened. *Warning: Guys, you might want to skip this one. As I listen to all the chatter about the TSA’s new “enhanced” pat down procedures I’m forced to wonder what will happen if I have my period when … Continue reading

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