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On Movie Selection

Why I choose to pay cashy-money for a movie in the theater: does it happen in space? are swords involved? will there be dragons? chocolate? will chocolate make an appearance? do things explode? are hot men involved in making things … Continue reading

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The Expendables

There’s much to like about “The Expendables,” especially the simple straight-forward plot, all the B-movie mayhem you could possibly ask for, and two unapologetic hours of masculinity – which may be two hours more than we’ve seen in all of … Continue reading

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Movie Review – To End All Wars

On the anniversary of the beginning of WWII lastthis month, Steve Hayward at NRO gave a bleg for readers favorite WWII books.  I sent an email with mine, which I mentioned here.  He sent me an email suggesting I’d like … Continue reading

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Just Step Back and Stare at the Hubris!

When asked about the wretched content of his latest film, Antichrist, director and writer Lars Von Trier replied, ‘It’s the hand of God, I’m afraid. And I am the best film director in the world. I’m not sure God is … Continue reading

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Movie Review – Victoria Jackson’s Review of Year One

Over on Big Hollywood, Victoria Jackson wrote a review of Jack Black’s new movie, Year One.  I’m glad she reviewed it, I’m thrilled she went to see it so I could totally cross it off my list of movies to … Continue reading

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Movie Review – Water

This movie is reason #25 that I adore Netflix.  I love their international selections. Water is a widow’s story.  She’s 7.  The widow is 7.  Years old. Heartbroken yet?  Me too. The story is set in India during Ghandi’s lifetime … Continue reading

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My Secret Crack

Balls of Fury.  Seriously, I can watch that stupid movie over and over.  It’s funny in a very burp and scratch kind of way.  It’s crude. I don’t watch it for that. I watch it for the Walken.  Christopher Walken.  … Continue reading

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My Favorite Clint Eastwood Movie

You should be able to guess this one.  Really, this is just too easy. This is one of the movies that made me want to have Clint Eastwood’s babies.  All of them.  I sometimes loved looking at him more than … Continue reading

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Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed

Below is an interview between two of my favorite people, Ben Stein and R.C. Sproul.  Super fun! *Hattip to the Lovely Dana.  Again. 

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PSA – Old Movies Can Be Bad

I’m sitting here watching Dean Martin in The Wrecking Crew.  This has to be one of the worst movies ever.  I’m super cereal!  The plot, at least that’s the technical term for the drivel I’m forcing myself to watch, is … Continue reading

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