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Chris Matthews – Insane or EXTRA Crazy?

“By all appearances, he’s post racial”…except that he’s black!  Remember, Obama is a black guy.  Black!!!!  BLLAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!! I don’t see Obama as a black man.  I see Obama as a man.  That’s the difference between me and Chris. Of course, … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews Must Go – Updated with Video

Jim Geraghty’s Twitter came across my feed tonight with this gem: Chris Matthews has lost his f***ing mind: “He went to the enemy camp tonight, to make the case.” And then on his post on NRO: UPDATE: Chris Matthews has … Continue reading

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The Abomination of Desolation, Part Two

Hat Tip to Patterico. Newsweek’s Evan Thomas is obviously in need of electro-shock therapy.  Maybe even a lobotomy.  Something.  Dude has lost his mind.  I knew Chris Matthews was a zombie since he started having problems with his electrical system. … Continue reading

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