It’s a Trap!

The financial outlook for America is as dire as the Tea Party fears.  Probably much worse. Our co-citizens cannot seem to break off from the tit of sweet sweet government handouts.  To survive we MUST cut entitlements.  MUST, not want to, HAVE to.  From Ace of Spades, and then NRO, I suggest you read this and listen to the interview of Bill Gross.

We have figured out how to make a living by sponging off other people.  The cost is bankruptcy and the end of America.  You can’t eat the goose that lays the golden egg and still get the eggs.  We are eating that goose.

I have little to no faith that our political class can do what is necessary.  Looking at the stupidity of the union protests in Wisconsin I have NO faith that the people can figure it out and demand the kind of austerity that is required to save our Republic.  Americans have gotten lazy, fat and hollow generally.  Most no longer care or understand the basic structure of our government. They give a great big damn about Charlie Sheen but not very much about the constitutionality of Obamacare or even why the constitutionality of legislation is even important.  They care about nonsense and ignore the robber picking clean the carcass of their lives.

We can choose a short austerity to save us.  We can have a lifetime of poverty forced upon up.  I already know where we will end up.  Nancy Pelosi and Michael Moore aren’t going to be among those whose children or grandchildren starve to death.  THEY will be just fine.

Basically, I think we are fooked.

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