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Frosty Morning

This morning was the first serious frost AND it  was a Saturday so I could go outside and take pictures.  YAY! First, thyme. Lime Thyme specifically. And now the sad little lonely late sunflower, it’s the only one left. My … Continue reading

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Garlic Chives in Bloom

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Late Summer Color

YAY!  Close up pictures of the flowers in my garden!!!!!  YAY!!! Regular old impatiens.  Pretty but a bit boring. A pair of close ups of the double impatiens. I have two of these Hibiscus, they aren’t hardy so they will … Continue reading

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First Fruits

How I ate those first fruits: A little rice vinegar and salt.  Awesome!

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Enthusiastically Springy

My galanthus, in late February. The bed outside my backroom window.  I love this bed, it’s lovely. My so cute miniature daffodils.  They are teeny tiny and too cute to be tolerated.  Extra adorable.  About the onlyiest thing I indulge … Continue reading

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Let’s Call This Random Things, ‘Cause Everyone Else Does

Hey, it’s Tuesday, so that means it must be Random Day! 1. I’m in the mood for something but I don’t know what that something is.  It is not food or drink.  I’m longing for something else, something bigger.  Maybe … Continue reading

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The Happy Post!

No, really, I’m almost done for the morning.  This is my happy post!  Yay! I’m looking through plant catalogs for the spring and I’m thinking happy thoughts about delphiniums, hosta, ferns, lavender, rhubarb, tomatoes and other pretty, pretty things.  Like … Continue reading

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