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Dad and Egon

This is Dad on his way to get the morning paper.  Every morning Egon goes along.  He waits for Dad at the door, Dad picks him up and carries him.  It’s pretty dang cute.

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Egon teh Kitteh was longing to be outside with me while I was grilling asparagus for my pastor’s 25th Anniversary Dinner yesterday evening.  He was so cute. I kind of like the way the dirty glass gave the pictures an … Continue reading

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Fridge Kitteh

I’m in ur fridge, looking at ur dijons.

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Egon teh Kitteh – Cuteness

That’s Egon playing with his favorite toy, the sealing ring from a gallon of milk.  He carries it upstairs with him. This is him just a minute ago: I really am enjoying this kitteh.  He follows me around like a … Continue reading

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I saw the late afternoon light today and HAD to go outside and take some pictures.  I was compelled I tell you.  Forced. My snowdrops: What a boring shot.  I didn’t like it at all.  I wanted something that took … Continue reading

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Rosie, Teeny Tiny Rosie

I wanted to get two kittens.  Mostly because I wanted to have pets who had companions other than us humans.  I got Egon, teh Kitteh last month. He’s been super snuggly and affectionate ever since.  Looking for a kitten has … Continue reading

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Egon teh Kitteh

So, it was time to get another kitten.  I’m actually looking to get another kitten so Egon teh Kitteh has a friend.  PetSmart was having adoptions so I adopted a little 4 month old Boy.  They called him Dancer. Nah.  … Continue reading

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