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So, Where Have I Been

My blogging absence has really be for far too long.  Mostly my reasons are that blogging stopped being so rewarding.  Also, I got busy. Mostly though, in the past year I’ve met a wonderful man, fallen in love, gotten engaged … Continue reading

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Dear Facebook

I hate you.  I really, really hate you. Stop changing stuff every month.  My father tries to use Facebook to stay in touch with his big family.  He’s already struggling with the whole computer thing, he’s 82, it’s not his … Continue reading

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Come on, Irene

Yeah, I know, obvious.  But you must admit, as a child of the 80’s, I had to go there. We’ve got a lovely backyard, there are flowers, gardens and trees.  Over the years we’ve had numerous trees fall in the … Continue reading

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I’m on vacation in Chincoteague and right next door is Assateague. Assateague is a national park and wildlife refuge.  Plus there’s a beach.  A beach that you can visit until 10 PM at night. It’s a rather wonderful beach, especially … Continue reading

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Follow the owl?

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On Donations During Disasters

Obviously my thoughts are on Japan and the people there, but this is a practical matter that you should address even just in your head before you donate a penny to an aide organization. When I’m thinking about making a … Continue reading

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I have been rather quieter here than normal.  It is not that I am not thinking things, I am.  Or that there are not fascinating things going on, there are.  I have been rather more sick than well for the … Continue reading

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UPDATED! This Is Where I Must Ask A Rather Indelicate But Necessary Question

UPDATE: It’s happened. *Warning: Guys, you might want to skip this one. As I listen to all the chatter about the TSA’s new “enhanced” pat down procedures I’m forced to wonder what will happen if I have my period when … Continue reading

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On Chile’s Miners

Last year I had an MRI.  My response was…interesting.  I didn’t realize until I was being inserted into the MRI machine just how awful my claustrophobia is.  Oh my.  Since then I’ve had more trouble dealing with tight spaces, mostly … Continue reading

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I scanned a bunch of photos from my Aunt Rose’s photo album tonight.  This was my favorite of the non-peopled photos.  I love the ramshakleness of this abandoned tomb.  It shouldn’t be in color, it’s glorious just the way it … Continue reading

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