Welcome to the 112th & My Letter To Steny Hoyer

Speaker Boehner’s speech opening the 112th congress had to be one of the better political speeches I’ve heard in a long time.  Everything he said was on point.

My favorite bit was this:

The American people have humbled us. They have refreshed our memories as to just how temporary the privilege to serve is. They have reminded us that everything here is on loan from them. That includes this gavel, which I accept cheerfully and gratefully, knowing I am but its caretaker. After all, this is the people’s House. This is their Congress. It’s about them, not us. What they want is a government that is honest, accountable and responsive to their needs. A government that respects individual liberty, honors our heritage, and bows before the public it serves.

I really do think he meant all of it.  I hope he did.  If he didn’t, if these men and women go back on their promises they should be prepared for the pitchforks and torches I have stored away for just such a crazy happenstance.

Meanwhile, my own personal cursecongressman, Steny Hoyer, thinks I had a bad childhood.  So, I wrote him a letter.  And yes, I sent it to him.  I never ever hear back from him, but I email him often enough.

Dear Mr. Hoyer,

Last time I wrote to you it was because you called me unAmerican because I disagreed with you on the Health Care monstrosity you’ve visited upon me, my children, my children’s children and so on.  I demanded an apology from you then, which I never got.

Now I learn that you assume I have a bad family because I disagree with you.

Are you kidding me?  Seriously?  You are an adult, surely people who are also adults can disagree with you.  Must you ALWAYS belittle and disparage adults with whom you disagree politically?  I do not understand how you can possibly think this is appropriate behavior for a man who represents the people.  Or, actually, for anyone out of junior high school.

In the future, I ask that you refrain from calling me names and casting aspersions upon my family.  It is rude, ugly and unbecoming of a Congressman.  Could you perhaps just disagree with me?

Vivian Saavedra
Bowie, Maryland

I’ll continue to write to my cursecongressman until he is replaced with Charles Lollar.

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