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This Is Why I Hate Dependency Government

No, I'm sorry. Things will likely spoil. RT @goldyfox82: any plans for dry ice to be given out? Having a hard time keeping food cold… — Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) October 30, 2012 This is why people need to expect to … Continue reading

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9th Century Sensibilities

A mistake in Toulouse, France results in a near riot. A woman is slapped, though she may have provoked them. (Which I take to mean that she was present while having a vagina.) Muslims need to learn how to be … Continue reading

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Russian Pwns OWS Bonehead

Really doesn’t need a lot of commentary. But… That woman…”All the workers in NK get paid.” Well, maybe that’s true.  All the workers in the US get paid too.  But the catch is that if you don’t work in the … Continue reading

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Jesse Jackson and The Budget Civil War or Something

Via Jeff Poor at The Daily Caller: Let’s review a few historical facts about the Civil War: This was not a war about unions or collective bargaining. This was not a war about abortion. This was not a war about … Continue reading

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Yeah, But She’s OUR Witch

With all the silliness surrounding Christine O’Donnell’s past dabbling in witchcraft I give you my response: (via Instapundit) And riddle me this, Batman: who among you hasn’t done something so absolutely boneheaded in your youth that equals dabbling in witchcraft … Continue reading

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Booger Leadership

As I said to my lady friends, it’s really not so much that Gordon Brown picks his nose.  Everyone does that, it’s the only way to deal with entrenched boogers.  Most people accomplish this task in private with the aid … Continue reading

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The New York Times – Biased Much?

There is just so much wrong in this editorial.  So. Much. Wrong. Any assessment of the 44th president has to start with the fact that he took office under an extraordinary burden of problems created by President George W. Bush’s … Continue reading

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Ass Kicking and the Feds

Between the miles of boom sitting in a warehouse in Maine, turning away the Dutch and buckling to union’s protectionist ways, the President has responded the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico like the cut rate, inexperienced, narcissistic Chicago-way, … Continue reading

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Funny Hypocrites

Or not. Comedy Central is developing a cartoon comedy about Jesus Christ. That’s right, the channel so deeply respectful of Islam that they censor even the name “Mohammad”  is about to embark on a weekly mockery of every liberal elitists … Continue reading

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Saving the Planet

Stupidest. Slogan. Ever. And all those bleeding “Earth-Friendly” products advertised in the dozens of emails in my inbox?  Most of that crap is greenwashing bunk.  Just for the record people, composting would add to Anthropogenic Global Warming if it existed! … Continue reading

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