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Child Porn is for…..

Your children, apparently. Gateway Pundit posted a report yesterday on the reading list suggested by the Safe-Schools Czar/Advisor/Whatever the hell they call them these days, Kevin Jennings. I’m not going to repost the vile excepts from the recommended books here.  … Continue reading

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The AIG Bonus Kerfuffle

That’s the issue here, not that AIG handed out bonuses, no. The issue is the reckless and unaccountable behavior of Congress that allows no blame for faulty law. Continue reading

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It’s a Betrayal

The current occupant of the White House has been making it inscreasingly clear that he despises the military and service men.  First, he skipped the Salute to the Heroes Ball on Inauguration night.  Now he proposes to make soldiers financially … Continue reading

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