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Jane Roe of Roe V Wade

Norma McCorvey opposes Obama. Go to the link, watch it.  I can’t figure out how to get it to post here.  All I know is that I could not bear up under the weight of the dead if I had … Continue reading

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Thomas Peterffy – My New IBFF

Brilliant. Via AOS.

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Teachers, Firefighters & the Popo

The sacred trinity of government workers – teachers, firefighters and police, are ALWAYS trotted out for any and all budget fights.  Any time budget cuts are brought up, the trinity is mentioned.  Liberal politicians site them as the reason for … Continue reading

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You Are Who You Read

Do you read lots of different news sites? Liberal, Conservative and Independent?  Yeah, me too.  I enjoy reading the ones who agree with me more than the ones who don’t, but it’s good to get different opinions. However, I’m careful … Continue reading

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The Vainglorious, The Obtuse and The Buffoon

3 months ago we all rejoiced to learn that some brave men in the US Military had caused Osama Bin Laden to no longer inhale, freeing up oxygen for those of us less likely to organize murderous thugs into bands … Continue reading

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Alligators vs WATER ZOMBIES!!!

THIS kind of crap is why I can’t stand Obama.  He takes serious issues like border security and turns it into mockery and jest, then he never addresses the @$@#$$%$@# issue!!!! Sorry, he’s pissing me off with crap like this.  Like … Continue reading

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On The Death of Bin Laden

I haven’t been wanting to jump in to the fray on my blog yet about Bin Laden’s death.  I’ve been wanting to let the chips fall and see where they lay at the end of the day.  They are certainly … Continue reading

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Together We Thrive ©

Reading about the Together We Thrive © Memorial Democratic Grief Rally, I was reminded of the times Obama came to the university I work for during the campaign and then after for the health care rally.  Thousands in t-shirts made … Continue reading

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Cthulhu Like Obama

hahahahah! I love the new Kenny.  So much. via Instapundit

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Plain Delight

One of the obvious attractions to Chris Christie in 2012 is that the man speaks plainly, baldly even.  He minces no words, strokes no egos and gets to the bottom of issues without feeling the need to play slight of … Continue reading

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