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Transparent Lies

Via Patterico. Anderson Cooper is finally as pissed as I am, as James Carville.  This administration is LYING about the clean up effort in the Gulf of Mexico.  LYING.  WTF? Here is more from Gateway Pundit’s First Things: It’s Day … Continue reading

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Civil Discourse – A Tale of Two Standards – Now with MORE Double Standards

During the George W. Bush administration we were told that dissent was the highest form a patriotism.  Dissent that included images like this: This was the standard form of protest during the previous administration.  Bush was Hitler was pretty much … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon News Dump – 1st Edition – Geithner Lied/The Economy Died

I’m going to start posting the weekly Obama Administration’s Friday Afternoon News Dump! just to make sure I don’t lose track of what the heck is going on. This week’s episode finds Timmy Geither’s Treasury Department admitting to lying to … Continue reading

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