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This Is My Brain

This is my brain on the political news this week: Blahblahblahbla… meaningless stupid gesture …blahblahblah  …ARE YOU KIDDING ME …blahblahblah… “smartest woman” in the world my buttocks …blahblahblah… SERIOUSLY???!!!!!!!!! …blahblahblah… oh for the love of all… blahblahblah… Hasn’t this bastard … Continue reading

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The AIG Bonus Kerfuffle

That’s the issue here, not that AIG handed out bonuses, no. The issue is the reckless and unaccountable behavior of Congress that allows no blame for faulty law. Continue reading

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I hate them…a lot.

Geico.  And their frickin commercials.  I really hate them.  Especially the ones with the googlie eyed money. And the cavemen. And the lizard. They might not be so bad if they weren’t every third commercial. Fueling the hate is that … Continue reading

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