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…I am an American

I like this man.  I like him very much. via Instapundit. The general demonizing of the political process wears me out.  But what really gets to me is the racism.  The racism of the Democrats, to be specific.  The assumption … Continue reading

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On Civil Discourse

In 2008, all of us conservatives were lectured to play nice and just take the election results.  We were warned not to be mean.  Reminded that elections have consequences and we had better just take ours. We agreed.  During the … Continue reading

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What They Said…

OMG.  So in love.  So. In. Love with what this group of people said. Via I Own the World through Ace of Spades. Living in Prince George’s County in Maryland, I’ve been front and center in Black Culture.  Here it … Continue reading

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The Racism of Intent*

I have been personally called a racist because I did not support Obama for President.  That person is a friend and co-worker.  She did it in a way that was underhanded.  I called her on it, but I was only … Continue reading

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On Colors

A story in the New York Times about the serious side effects of skin lightening creams makes me sad.  Really. Sad.  And not a little bit angry. I detest and actively hate that comment that Harry Reid made about Obama … Continue reading

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Between Jimmy Carter, the worst POTUS EVER, and Bill Cosby, a man I normally respect, and many others, it is evident that the logically bankrupt fallacy of “assuming the motives of a person you don’t know” is alive and well … Continue reading

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