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It’s Europe’s Fault!!! Also, George W. Bush!!!!

Mahkmood Ackmadoorsajar, leader of Iran, says that Europe is stealing his Iran’s rain. “Western countries have designed plans to cause drought in certain areas of the world, including Iran,” Mr Ahmadinejad said in the city of Arak in Markazi province. … Continue reading

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More Please!

Out of Egypt comes a story I have longed for and waited to hear for 10 long years.  I’ve been aching for this to begin.  I hope with all of my being that this becomes more common, that this replaces … Continue reading

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Soooo, Canadian Police…Specifically the Toronto Police. While I’m not terribly fond of allowing a bunch of anarchists to torch my car, it would seem that even while armed and outfitted in riot gear the Toronto Police don’t mind so much.  … Continue reading

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“Going Muslim”

We are a civilized society. One of our cardinal rules of coexistence is that we (try always to) judge people only by their actions and not by their identity, whether racial, religious or sexual. This is our great strength as … Continue reading

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Remembrance – 9/11

Lest we forget as some are wont to do… First in New York: Then: And: Then in DC: And then in Shanksville, PA, a group of brave people bring down a fourth plane before it kills anyone other than themselves. … Continue reading

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Updates on Iran Protests

Go Here, Here, Here, and Here. If you want some moment by moment updates, you can get them on Twitter. Tehran Bureau Oxfordgirl Iranian News IranBaan (This one often tweets in Persian.  But half her tweets are in English and … Continue reading

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The Obligatory Michael Jackson Post

Our culture is in hell.  Seriously.  The insanity of the coverage over the death of an accused pedophile and drug addict who, also, happened to be talented; was outrageous.  And grotestque. This is what is happening in other parts of … Continue reading

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BBQ Diplomacy – BHO to Iran, “have a rib”

In the midst of a bloody government crackdown against a population struggling for the right of self-determination, the Obama Administration has not recinded invites to the representatives of said cracking-down government to the 4th of July Embassy BBQ celebrated in … Continue reading

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HURRAH! Iran Protest

No, the name of the video is “HURRAH!“, at least it should be.  It’s longer than your average cell phone video, just make sure you watch it to the end. I don’t know how to embed this video, so just … Continue reading

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UPDATED: More on “Neda”…

Via Allahpundit – an obit of Neda. Time has a piece up that hopefully gets the cultural things correct in regards to the consequences of “Neda’s” death. If true, 40 days from yesterday the mourning will get even more intense.  … Continue reading

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