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Transparent Lies

Via Patterico. Anderson Cooper is finally as pissed as I am, as James Carville.  This administration is LYING about the clean up effort in the Gulf of Mexico.  LYING.  WTF? Here is more from Gateway Pundit’s First Things: It’s Day … Continue reading

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Ass Kicking and the Feds

Between the miles of boom sitting in a warehouse in Maine, turning away the Dutch and buckling to union’s protectionist ways, the President has responded the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico like the cut rate, inexperienced, narcissistic Chicago-way, … Continue reading

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On Boots, Necks and the Willies

The Obama Administration has said through a number of members that they are determined to “keep their boot on the neck of BP“. That’s just creeping me the heck out. WTF?  Was that some poll tested phrase that resonated with … Continue reading

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