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Pelosi’s Giant Disconnect

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi just doesn’t get why the majority of Americans are not only leery of the proposed health care legislation.  She just totally can not comprehend why we do not want the Congress, Sentate and POTUS … Continue reading

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A Marine Makes Me Ovulate

Okay, so not really, he’s obviously got a wife and kids, but dag.  Just dag. Allahpundit posted this on Hot Air. I HAD to post it here. The best part is that this Marine KNOWS his history, he understands exactly … Continue reading

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Godwin’s Law Applied

This is the pertinent section of Godwin’s Law: There are many corollaries to Godwin’s law, some considered more canonical (by being adopted by Godwin himself)[2] than others invented later.[1] For example, there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other … Continue reading

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Palomino! Palomino!!!!!!

My thoughts on Waterboarding and Nancy Pelosi’s claim that she didn’t know when she didn’t know it… (Hulu doesn’t let me post the video here.  GRRR.  I couldn’t find it on you tube.)

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