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20 Weeks

Lately there’s been some movement on making abortion illegal after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  This is what that looks like: (Note – this is someone’s ultrasound.  I plucked it from hundreds on YouTube. ) This baby moves, smiles, sucks her … Continue reading

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So, now I live in Texas

I got married to The Everlasting Phelps and moved to Texas.  So far Texas has been kind to me, not so much with the outrageous heat thing yet.  It is only May. We live in an apartment and are getting … Continue reading

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Wedding Dresses

Dear Wedding Dress Designers, While I chose and purchased my wedding dress some time ago, I decided to check out what’s on the market today, just to see if I should suddenly change my mind.  I’m wild like that.  However, … Continue reading

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So, Where Have I Been

My blogging absence has really be for far too long.  Mostly my reasons are that blogging stopped being so rewarding.  Also, I got busy. Mostly though, in the past year I’ve met a wonderful man, fallen in love, gotten engaged … Continue reading

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Like I need a bunch of super cereal celebrities reading someone else’s words telling me what to do with my liberties. These people have got their heads planted so firmly up their pampered asses they can’t see beyond the next … Continue reading

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The Owl in the Garden

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Decrepit Fun

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On Election Day, Wait For The Polls To Close

Because, a long national nightmare might have been averted.

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This Is Why I Hate Dependency Government

No, I'm sorry. Things will likely spoil. RT @goldyfox82: any plans for dry ice to be given out? Having a hard time keeping food cold… — Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) October 30, 2012 This is why people need to expect to … Continue reading

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When I woke at 3 flipping AM, again, I turned on the Weather Channel and checked my phone. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes. I think Elmer Fudd needs to be brought in for questioning. Just saying.

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