This Is Why I Hate Dependency Government

This is why people need to expect to be independent.  This is why people need to know how to care for themselves.  This is why people should be required to be adults and to accept the responsibility of being an adult.

Instead, who ever this knucklehead is went into this storm expecting his government would come along and wipe his ass, as it usually seems to do.

For a week I’ve heard warnings about this storm, it will be bad, it will be a multi-day event, it will be the storm of the century.  Most importantly, for DAYS before Hurricane Sandy hit, the news, the internets, the radio was repeating endlessly that this storm WILL result in power outages.  Along with that, we were told to get ice, to fill ziplock bags with water and to stuff our freezers with it to freeze it up.

And now, it’s STILL raining and this knucklehead wants dry ice for milk.  There are still people trapped, still people to be rescued and this asshole wants the government to keep his steaks cold.


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