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When I woke at 3 flipping AM, again, I turned on the Weather Channel and checked my phone. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes. I think Elmer Fudd needs to be brought in for questioning. Just saying. Advertisements

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More Snow – It’s Snowier

Look!  The snow is even more snowier just a few hours later! Earlier the bird feeders were empty.  The birds let me know.  They sat outside the door and gave me a “look”.  I let them.  We’ve been feeding them … Continue reading

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On Hurricanes and Cheetos

Monday morning I heard an interview of a weeping girl/woman distraught that the aide center had run out of supplies before she got there.  She cried out “I have an 83 year old grandmother who hasn’t eaten in 2 days!” … Continue reading

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Last Night and This Morning

Insomnia has been my ever-present friend these past few weeks. The drugs aren’t working as well anymore, so I don’t get to sleep until hours after I go to bed. bleh. Nevertheless, I’ve gotten some reading done, watched a few … Continue reading

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My Summer Love Affairs

When I lived in Colorado I ached for rain. Not that it doesn’t rain there, it just rains for a couple of minutes, then it’s over, have a rainbow, move on. I missed the kind of rain that goes on … Continue reading

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Top 10 List – Organic Gardens

Here is my list of reasons why keeping an organic garden ROCKS! 10. The smell of the dirt, it doesn’t smell like anything other than dirt, which means the smell is clean. That is a lovely smell. 9. You can … Continue reading

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