Wedding Dresses

Dear Wedding Dress Designers,

While I chose and purchased my wedding dress some time ago, I decided to check out what’s on the market today, just to see if I should suddenly change my mind.  I’m wild like that.  However, as you people have absolutely no imagination, I will not be purchasing your wares.

Must every 9 dresses in 10 be strapless?  Even in plus sizes?  Seriously?  Don’t you people ever get a gander at the size 22 brides stuffed into these creations?  Must you be so cruel?  Muffintops look great in lemon poppyseed.  Not so much in white people.  Or black people for that matter.  It’s not a good look, a woman’s backfat pouring over the top of all that boned lace.  It HAS to pour over it.  There’s no other way to have it stay up and remain decent if it’s not tight enough for backfat to pour over.  

I am saying this as a plus sized woman – could you please stop it with the strapless wedding dresses?  Design something lovely and wonderful for plus sized women that doesn’t assume they need to wear what their size 2 sisters wear.



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