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Replacing Hoyer

Charles Lollar rocks.  The Other McCain has an story on him. YAY! Charles on the boneheaded signs at the tea party rally. Seriously, is he not super wonderful?

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On the September 14th Primaries

OH. MY. HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!  Charles Lollar won the GOP Primary to run against Steny *********** Hoyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YAY!!!!!!! I love this guy.  YAY!!! Erlich for Guvnah.  I hope he wins.  I also hope that when he wins he controls spending.  Yes, Mr. … Continue reading

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Dear Congressman Hoyer

Dear Congressman Hoyer, I have written to you multiple times regarding my opposition to this form of health care reform.  I have called your office as well. What I continue to fail to understand is why you and the congress … Continue reading

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Steny Hoyer’s Telephone Town Hall – Update

I just got off the phone from Congressman Hoyer’s Telephone Town Hall about the Porkulus Monstrosity.  I appreciate the hour the Congressman devoted to speaking with his constituents.  My question wasn’t asked, which would have been this: Considering that the … Continue reading

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