What Were You Thinking

This is where I’m going to list all the fruity search terms that led someone to my blog.  Most of the time these are just baffling, no explanation can do justice, so instead of analysis and commentary, I’ll just be listing them.  BTW – I don’t clean up spelling or grammar, or even try to make sense of any of the searches.

1/21/2011 – why are birds hungry in december  *facepalm*

6/28/2010 – “boobies ouch”   L. M. A. O.  How does that get my blog?

1/2/2010 – what continent is scotland in (hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!)

12/23/2009 – suuuu

12/22/2009 – баранья нога

11/5/2009 – thanksgiving cleavage

10/3/2009 – how to keep clown nose on

9/27/2009 – the boy who cried mama

9/26/2009 – “job 38” puny human

9/21/2009 – why do the germans still eat funnel cake

9/20/2009 – caca face

9/13/2009 – legal to eat roadkill in maryland

9/9/2009 – blow blow blow the boat (?????)

9/7/2009 – shave navel

9/4/2009 – pissed face

9/4/2009 – ramones at woodstock (doooooooooooood!)

9/2/2009 – dont reform me bro

9/1/2009 – letterman douchebag (LMAO!)

8/29/2009 – chimpanzee attack testicles cupcake  (awesome, the testicle cupcakes strike again!)

8/26/2009 – frshly gronud sea salt

8/26/2009 – patient dismails letters from medical of

8/21/2009 – swamp ass boats

8/18/2009 – i am pantiesless (oh my.  I seriously have no flipping idea about this one.  Color me baffled.)

8/3/2009 – really stupid people

7/31/2009 – a sppech on unicorns (hahahaha!)

7/26/2009 – spells to determine who my true love is (Punkin, when you figure that one out, you let me know, k?)

7/17/2009 – himmler and the brain splattering (I have no idea)

6/20/2009 – funny iranian jokes (hunh?  I don’t tell any.  How does that get my blog?)

5/6/2009 -klingon transplants (You WANT to look like a klingon?)

5/5/2009 -slyth flu (Why not just search for midiclorians?)

4/26/2009 – stupid mexicans and their flu

4/18/2009 – if you eat rubber will you die

4/15/2009 – hatred sutffed bear

4/11/2009 – festering belly button

3/27/2009 – Rachel Lucas Monkeyhumper

3/16/2009 – i burnt my brother’s balls (LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

3/11/2009 – do you need a licence to drive a mopeds

2/28/2009 – fluffu bear

2/28/2009 – demotivator canadian army
(LMAO!  That’s funny.  Wait, what is this Canadian army you speak of?…color me, astonished.  And still, LMAO)

2/12/2009 – if you neet to tall you can call me (??????)

12/1/2009 – shaken beef cubes

12/27/2008 – Woman choke on mushroom and die

12/9/2008 – Can you eat blue crabs raw

11/16/2008 – Do piranhas have a backbone

11/9/2008 – Gay African Veldt

7/11/2008 – Chimp Cupcake Testicle

1 Response to What Were You Thinking

  1. Phelps says:

    LMAO: 4/26/2009 – stupid mexicans and their flu

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