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Network News – Now Useless For Fun Videos

My Dad watches the news on NBC.  He would watch it from 4:00 PM through 7:30 when Brian Williams ends his national version.  Since I live with Dad I end up watching waaaaay more than I would like. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Those Wacky Community Organizers

In case you’ve missed it, though if you actually read my blog I can’t imagine you have, ACORN is currently experiencing some lets-call-them-glitches. A pair of young activists have caught on tape ACORN offices in Baltimore, DC, Brooklyn, San Bernadino … Continue reading

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How the Media views Obama:

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Death Threats Against a President

Hand in hand with Teh MSNBC Narrative is this: the MSM being shocked at death threats against the current occupant of the White House. Not once did they give a rats ass in hell that under Bush 43 death threats … Continue reading

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Newsweek, Christianity and Gay Marriage

What he said. I absolutely loathe when someone assumes they understand my faith, defines it for me and then spits it back out against her own prejudices, just to prove her point.  Lisa Miller’s evident hostility towards Christianity can’t seem … Continue reading

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