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Protests in Iran – Updated

Via Instapundit. Live Blogging at Nite-Owl. More information at The Jawa Report and Gateway Pundit. From Gateway Pundit’s report – video of a crowd saving two men from being hanged, then the crowd being shot. – UPDATE: These men were … Continue reading

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Iran – The Dead & Detained

The Green Revolution is ongoing in Iran.  The Guardian has a list of and pictures of the dead and detained. From the tweets and stories I’m reading, the protests continue.  Few news outlets are still covering the protests and the … Continue reading

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BBQ Diplomacy – BHO to Iran, “have a rib”

In the midst of a bloody government crackdown against a population struggling for the right of self-determination, the Obama Administration has not recinded invites to the representatives of said cracking-down government to the 4th of July Embassy BBQ celebrated in … Continue reading

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HURRAH! Iran Protest

No, the name of the video is “HURRAH!“, at least it should be.  It’s longer than your average cell phone video, just make sure you watch it to the end. I don’t know how to embed this video, so just … Continue reading

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UPDATED: More on “Neda”…

Via Allahpundit – an obit of Neda. Time has a piece up that hopefully gets the cultural things correct in regards to the consequences of “Neda’s” death. If true, 40 days from yesterday the mourning will get even more intense.  … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Gateway Pundit Updates & Pics on Iran

UPDATE: The girl’s name was Neda. Her father was with her when she died.  Don’t forget her.  Pray for her family. Via the Corner/Jonah Goldberg – Gateway Pundit has pictures and updates from Iran.  I heard on Fox that a … Continue reading

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