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Illegals or Burritos?

kthnxbai. Also, for the guy in the sombrero – I already has ur burrito knowledge.  I has burrito fu. Bai nao.

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The Kitchens of Glome

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while.  So this morning when I couldn’t sleep, again, I made a companion blog for this one – The Kitchens of Glome. This is where I’ll be posting my food posts from … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

For some reason I can’t say the name of these pies to save my life.  I’ve called them all sorts of things but rarely Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.  I’ve called them cushions, mangled whoopie, mangled pumpkin, mangled pies.  I can not … Continue reading

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I love coffee. Well, not really.  I love really good coffee.  Not like Starbucks, which is okay.  I like really good coffee that I brew at home.  Coffee out is okay, usually it’s just okay.  The coffee at work is … Continue reading

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Lactic Noms Coming To Me Soonest!

Me and cheese go way back.  BFF.  Not even imaginary BFF’s like the way me and Camille Paglia hang out or Victor Davis Hanson and I chat Greek hoplite formations over beer.  Cheese actually has a relationship with me. Or, … Continue reading

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My True Love…Can’t Spell My Name

So I am at Whole Foods yesterday picking up some noms, like Nancy’s Camembert, a baguette and some veggies.   After all the regular noms are picked I head up to find some Chocolove. I love chocolate.  Not in a “Hersheys … Continue reading

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Iced Chai Tea

On flipping hot and muggy days the only thing I want to drink is barely sweetened iced tea.  Remember my new favorite thing?  That totally yummy sweet coconut thai chai?  It’s great in iced tea. I make no claims to … Continue reading

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More Pictures

Just a couple more pictures from the other day.  My computer was giving me fits and wouldn’t allow me to post the rest of the pictures I wanted to post.  Meh. Okay, so, back to that little tiny bed facing … Continue reading

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First Fruits

How I ate those first fruits: A little rice vinegar and salt.  Awesome!

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Grilled Leg of Lamb

What’s Easter without Lamb?  I’m a traditionalist, lamb is significant to the holiday so I happily make it and eat it.  Also, lamb is tasty. I grilled the lamb so I needed to find a boneless leg.  Of course I … Continue reading

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