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OMG…Just, O. M. G.

Iowahawk usually makes me at least chuckle.  This time?  OMG, just wrong.  So funny.  But, well, really wrong.  I mean that in a good way. May I present – Sarah Palin.  In your brain.

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Weeping Over The Symphony…

Once again, I nearly lost my computer because I snorted by cheap beer all over it when reading Iowahawk. Also, Christopher Buckley said that he was crying by the end of the STFUSOTU on Wednesday night.  I can also report … Continue reading

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Climategateaquiddick – Iowahawk ‘Splains It

Iowahawk – the funniest man on the internet, explained the dealio with the leaked/hacked emails/files from CRU, how these emails/files impact the debate on Anthropogenic Global Warming and how all of this plays out on the global stage.    I’m taking … Continue reading

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The Sphincter-American Community

OMG!  I spit my coffee on my screen!  Iowahawk just cracks me the heck up. I have to go rinse the coffee out of my sinuses now.  What a way to start the day.

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Healthcare By The Watery Light

Iowahawk aka Dave Burge brings us back to that night when man first walked on the Moon and Mary Jo Kopechne drowned in Ted Kennedy’s car.  Brilliant satire, really, the man hurts me.  There.  You know? It reminds me of … Continue reading

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Striking Again, Like a Bird of Prey. Or Something

In his latest post but one, the fevered, bumper riddled brain of the dashing Dave Burge, aka Iowahawk, hits it like a predator on the hunt.  Or something.  I’m not even really sure what he said, or thought he was … Continue reading

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Honor the Master! It’s Iowahawk Day!

My all time favorite humourist is being celebrated with his very own day today.  Don’t mess it up, cause it’s his.

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The Iowahawk, He is the Bomb

Iowahawk.  Again with the LOL (laugh out loud for you noobs). First, he mocks the Odyssey and the hopey-changey magic show that is the new administration.  Flipping brilliant. Then, Princess Caroline. Color me laughing too hard to speak clearly.  I … Continue reading

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