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Christmas Movies

Just watching Fox & Friends teaser on a story about why there are no Christmas movies at the theater this year. Meh.  I think Hollywood Christmas movies are made of fail.  Recent movies are uniformly horrid, all about bad behavior, … Continue reading

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Snow Birds and a Hungry Squirrel

Yeah, so, it…ah…snowed a little yesterday.  Before I went to bed the yard stick measured 20 inches on the picnic table.  Just a wee bit of snow. I took a bunch of bird pictures yesterday, but they all turned out … Continue reading

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Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! CREDIT FOR THE VIDEO:’THE REBEL VIRAL TEAM’ more about “Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa“, posted with vodpod

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MOAR Snow…Now Snowier

This is a series of measuring shots – it’s now at 16 inches.  I just got back in from attempting to shovel the driveway.  We almost got it done, but Dad needed to get back inside.  The only thing left … Continue reading

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And now at 8:50…

I’ll try to take more of these, tracking the pile up.  YAY!

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What I Saw At 4:30 AM

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The Kitchens of Glome

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while.  So this morning when I couldn’t sleep, again, I made a companion blog for this one – The Kitchens of Glome. This is where I’ll be posting my food posts from … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

On Veteran’s Day last, I wrote a love letter to the men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedom. My thoughts, prayers and feelings for our military remain unchanged. Today, however, is a time to … Continue reading

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Grateful Earth Day

To celebrate this ridiculous “holiday”, I’ll list a few ways our pristine, lovely wonderful world can kill us without any anthropogenic global warming needed.  See, if Earth was a woman, she’s a cutter. Volcanoes (general).  Volcanic activity can change the … Continue reading

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Grilled Leg of Lamb

What’s Easter without Lamb?  I’m a traditionalist, lamb is significant to the holiday so I happily make it and eat it.  Also, lamb is tasty. I grilled the lamb so I needed to find a boneless leg.  Of course I … Continue reading

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