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Bored or Overwhelmed – The Tax Code

That’s what’s going on here with this lack of hot fresh posting. The news – it’s either boring or overwhelming.  Like the necessary discussion our nation needs to have about the tax code.  It’s both boring and overwhelming.  But we … Continue reading

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Oh, HELL Yeah!

The image above is from Mike Baron’s post on Big Hollywood, “Forming the Leave Me Alone Party“. The “Oh, HELL Yeah! bit: There is a right not specifically spelled out in the Bill of Rights but implicit in every restriction … Continue reading

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Let’s Call This Random Things, ‘Cause Everyone Else Does

Hey, it’s Tuesday, so that means it must be Random Day! 1. I’m in the mood for something but I don’t know what that something is.  It is not food or drink.  I’m longing for something else, something bigger.  Maybe … Continue reading

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Penn & Teller on Obama’s Tax Plan – UPDATE

I do love these guys, even with the potty mouths, they are so on target.  They get it. This is NSFW or children, see the potty mouth comment above. I sent this to someone and they didn’t think it was … Continue reading

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