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Watch the Prophets – DIY TV Version

I will admit that I am a DIY sort of girl.  I LIKE to watch the shows where some guy finds a couple at the hardware store and redoes there Kitchen/Bathroom/Back Yard.  I love those shows.  I like Rock Solid.  … Continue reading

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Heh – Updated

Snowstorm Squelches Climate Change Protest. LMAO! Protesting “Climate Change” is like protesting the passage of time or the speed of light.  Good luck with that.  Climate change has been a consistent and ongoing process since the creation of the universe … Continue reading

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Absolutely Mother Beautiful

Al Gore has notoriously refused to debate Anthropogenic Global Warming.  Reason has an offer on the table to PAY him to debate and he flat out refuses.  John Stossel asked him to come on his show and discuss AGW, he … Continue reading

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The Top 5 Offenders in Climategate – Updated

Barbara Hollingsworth has a list of the top 5 offenders in the twisting the numbers and exaggerating the science in the Anthropogenic Global Warming scandal.  Below is a graphic from the article. OMG!!!!!  NBC & Brian Williams are FINALLY addressing … Continue reading

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If Manbearpig Dies Alone in the Forest…

Will Algore still profit? And if the damning emails revealed/obtained/leaked/stolen cause people around the world to wake up and see the lies that AGW has been, will the outcry be enough to forever end that stupid Cap & TradeTax bill … Continue reading

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