20 Weeks

Lately there’s been some movement on making abortion illegal after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  This is what that looks like:

(Note – this is someone’s ultrasound.  I plucked it from hundreds on YouTube. )

This baby moves, smiles, sucks her thumb.  Obviously, she’s got a brain.  A functioning brain.  She can feel pain.

Here’s a cartoon if you need help imagining a baby at 20 weeks:

So, the argument is that pregnancy can be terminated, for any reason – any reason at all, AFTER 20 weeks on up to birth.

Does this seem right to you?

There is no reason to abort after 20 weeks.  If your life is in danger, you need an emergency c-section, 5 minutes.  An abortion at 20 weeks is a long and dangerous process.  If your medical condition was so severe that you are going to die and you can’t be treated because of your pregnancy an emergency cesarian section will take 5 whole minutes.  Not pleasant, but in 5 minutes you are set for any procedure you need to have.  And the baby has at least a chance at life.

Abortions at 20 weeks involve drugs, inducing labor, labor, birth of the dead baby, delivery of the placenta and then follow up.  All taking more than a day.  All that to someone who is about to lose their life makes more sense than a 5 minute surgery?

No, abortion at 20 weeks is about death.  You need to kill that baby.  It’s not about your life, it’s not about your “health” – whatever that means.  It’s about not being responsible for this child and making sure it won’t come back to haunt you with it’s life.

So, please – tell me when abortion after 20 weeks is medically necessary.  Please – tell me.

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So, now I live in Texas

I got married to The Everlasting Phelps and moved to Texas.  So far Texas has been kind to me, not so much with the outrageous heat thing yet.  It is only May.

We live in an apartment and are getting used to married life.  Hopefully soon, I’ll post more.  Right now I’m looking for work and figuring out my way around the City.  

One thing I know, Mexican food is much better here.  Much.

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Wedding Dresses

Dear Wedding Dress Designers,

While I chose and purchased my wedding dress some time ago, I decided to check out what’s on the market today, just to see if I should suddenly change my mind.  I’m wild like that.  However, as you people have absolutely no imagination, I will not be purchasing your wares.

Must every 9 dresses in 10 be strapless?  Even in plus sizes?  Seriously?  Don’t you people ever get a gander at the size 22 brides stuffed into these creations?  Must you be so cruel?  Muffintops look great in lemon poppyseed.  Not so much in white people.  Or black people for that matter.  It’s not a good look, a woman’s backfat pouring over the top of all that boned lace.  It HAS to pour over it.  There’s no other way to have it stay up and remain decent if it’s not tight enough for backfat to pour over.  

I am saying this as a plus sized woman – could you please stop it with the strapless wedding dresses?  Design something lovely and wonderful for plus sized women that doesn’t assume they need to wear what their size 2 sisters wear.



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So, Where Have I Been

My blogging absence has really be for far too long.  Mostly my reasons are that blogging stopped being so rewarding.  Also, I got busy.

Mostly though, in the past year I’ve met a wonderful man, fallen in love, gotten engaged and now I’ll be getting married in just a little bit.  Then, I’m making a big move from Maryland to Texas.

Hopefully I’ll blog a bunch about the move, cultures, getting used to married life, Texas.  All the fun stuff.

For now, mostly, I’m making sure I still remember the password.

Update: I use the word mostly a lot.  Apparently I’ve forgotten to proof read my posts.  Gah!  Forgive me.  I do know English.  A little.

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Like I need a bunch of super cereal celebrities reading someone else’s words telling me what to do with my liberties. These people have got their heads planted so firmly up their pampered asses they can’t see beyond the next dollar. Are they willing to give up their armed security details? Will they never use a gun as a prop in another movie? Not likely.

What a bunch of jackwagons.

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The Owl in the Garden

The Owl in the Garden

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Decrepit Fun

Decrepit Fun

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On Election Day, Wait For The Polls To Close

Because, a long national nightmare might have been averted.

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This Is Why I Hate Dependency Government

This is why people need to expect to be independent.  This is why people need to know how to care for themselves.  This is why people should be required to be adults and to accept the responsibility of being an adult.

Instead, who ever this knucklehead is went into this storm expecting his government would come along and wipe his ass, as it usually seems to do.

For a week I’ve heard warnings about this storm, it will be bad, it will be a multi-day event, it will be the storm of the century.  Most importantly, for DAYS before Hurricane Sandy hit, the news, the internets, the radio was repeating endlessly that this storm WILL result in power outages.  Along with that, we were told to get ice, to fill ziplock bags with water and to stuff our freezers with it to freeze it up.

And now, it’s STILL raining and this knucklehead wants dry ice for milk.  There are still people trapped, still people to be rescued and this asshole wants the government to keep his steaks cold.


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When I woke at 3 flipping AM, again, I turned on the Weather Channel and checked my phone. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes.

I think Elmer Fudd needs to be brought in for questioning.

Just saying.

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