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Nanny Stating the Fun Out of Hot Dogs

So.  Coffee is HOT.  Did you know?  Just so we are clear, when you get a coffee in the morning from the drive thru don’t place the coffee between your legs and then drive away.  Yeah, I know the coffee … Continue reading

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Boobiegate! Meghan McCain’s Cleavage Troubles

You can find the breastestes in question here.  And here.  And here.  Pretty much everywhere.  Yikes. I’ll limit my comments about Ms. McCain’s picture to this: She knew precisely what kind of response she was going to get when she … Continue reading

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Nobel “Peace” Prize – It’s a Joke

I thought Andy Parks on WMAL was kidding when he said it.  I was just waking up so I thought it was part of a joke I missed.  Then a moment later, Fred Grandy came back from the bathroom (at … Continue reading

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When Predators Attack

Full disclosure: I own a cat.  I’ve owned other cats.  I watch cats.  This video is billed as “Angry Lion Attacks French Woman”.  It so isn’t.  Anyone with a passing knowledge of cats, even house cats, can see this lion … Continue reading

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The Best of the Photo Op Photos…

I think the juxtoposition of the Statue of Liberty and Air Force One really does something for me, I like it. Via Ace of Spades.

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The Abomination of Union Station

For the love of all that is holy, PEOPLE! GET A GRIP!!!!!!! Continue reading

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It’s the Context, Stupid!

On New Year’s Day a group of Muslims/Middle Eastern looking people were removed from an Air Tran plane because passengers over heard a conversation about what to do if the plane blows up.  Now Air Tran has apologized. The State … Continue reading

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