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On The Death of Bin Laden

I haven’t been wanting to jump in to the fray on my blog yet about Bin Laden’s death.  I’ve been wanting to let the chips fall and see where they lay at the end of the day.  They are certainly … Continue reading

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Muslims In America

This is a very non-in-depth sort of a post.  It’s really more of a commentary on the media. CNN posted a story about two young Muslim men who took a trip across America for Ramadan.  They visited 30 mosques in … Continue reading

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The Effect of 9/11

Fred Grandy stars/runs/runs amok/is hilarious on the morning show on WMAL in DC in the morning.  This morning he and his wife, Mrs. Fred, interviewed Former Ambassador Akbar Ahmed on the Mosque and the far reaching effect of 9/11 on … Continue reading

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US Combat Troops Leave Iraq

I watched a reporter on a truck filled with combat troops leaving Iraq just now.  Today is, I suppose, VI Day. (Victory in Iraq) Let us celebrate the lives and deaths of those men and women who served in Iraq … Continue reading

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A World Without Nukes…

Via Instapundit, a photo essay on a World Without Nukes. Brilliant.

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The Rape of Nanking – As Told By Japanese Soldiers

Tamaki Matsuoka has put together a new documentary that, at last, has Japanese Soldiers admitting that they committed the acts attributed to them for so long. From the AP Article: Matsuoka was angered by accounts in her country’s textbooks that … Continue reading

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America Rising

This video has been all over the blogosphere lately.  It’s good, to the point.  Except, like Power Line, I didn’t buy all the hopenchangieness of the Obama campaign.  I didn’t buy his whole “govern from the center” thing.  I knew … Continue reading

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Criminal Act or Act of War?

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey reacts to plan to try 9/11 suspects in civilian court (I tried to embed this but it didn’t work.  Please go watch the video first.  Thanks.) I hope you caught one very important thing former … Continue reading

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Remembrance – 9/11

Lest we forget as some are wont to do… First in New York: Then: And: Then in DC: And then in Shanksville, PA, a group of brave people bring down a fourth plane before it kills anyone other than themselves. … Continue reading

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Movie Review – To End All Wars

On the anniversary of the beginning of WWII lastthis month, Steve Hayward at NRO gave a bleg for readers favorite WWII books.  I sent an email with mine, which I mentioned here.  He sent me an email suggesting I’d like … Continue reading

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