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The Day After Snowmaggedon

That name just cracks me up.  Heh.  I took these pictures about noon today after we finished shoveling the driveway. How’s that for a pile of snow?  That was mostly just digging out the front walk and a tiny bit … Continue reading

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At 9:30 PM…

20 ish inches.  Mostly 19.5. I wish it came through, the snow was all individual six sided flakes, powder.  That’s rather unusual in Maryland.  The snow was so shiney!

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MOAR Snow…Now Snowier

This is a series of measuring shots – it’s now at 16 inches.  I just got back in from attempting to shovel the driveway.  We almost got it done, but Dad needed to get back inside.  The only thing left … Continue reading

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And now at 8:50…

I’ll try to take more of these, tracking the pile up.  YAY!

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What I Saw At 4:30 AM

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Tonight, in the rain, I picked up an unwanted hitchhiker on the way home from work.  This hitcher was tenacious and clung to my car. Picture below:

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Steny Hoyer’s Telephone Town Hall – Update

I just got off the phone from Congressman Hoyer’s Telephone Town Hall about the Porkulus Monstrosity.  I appreciate the hour the Congressman devoted to speaking with his constituents.  My question wasn’t asked, which would have been this: Considering that the … Continue reading

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Shopping at the BTC

BTC = Bowie Town Center.  It’s relatively new, at least for someone like me who moved here as a baby in 1969.  I can remember playing in the field where BTC now sits.  And really, it’s okay, there’s a Barnes … Continue reading

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