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9th Century Sensibilities

A mistake in Toulouse, France results in a near riot. A woman is slapped, though she may have provoked them. (Which I take to mean that she was present while having a vagina.) Muslims need to learn how to be … Continue reading

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Veena Malik RAWKS

Just watch the awesome bravery of this lady: Of course it helps that she’s so gorgeous a unicorn sprang forth from my computer.  This woman is incredible. She’s also going to need our prayers because, as sure as the sun … Continue reading

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More Please!

Out of Egypt comes a story I have longed for and waited to hear for 10 long years.  I’ve been aching for this to begin.  I hope with all of my being that this becomes more common, that this replaces … Continue reading

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Funny Hypocrites

Or not. Comedy Central is developing a cartoon comedy about Jesus Christ. That’s right, the channel so deeply respectful of Islam that they censor even the name “Mohammad”  is about to embark on a weekly mockery of every liberal elitists … Continue reading

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