Low Information Voters Shouldn’t


Please don’t let idiots vote. Good googlie.

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Jane Roe of Roe V Wade

Norma McCorvey opposes Obama.

Go to the link, watch it.  I can’t figure out how to get it to post here.  All I know is that I could not bear up under the weight of the dead if I had been involved in that decision.  As I listened to her I started weeping.  I’ll be praying for her today.

Roe V Wade is bad law.  I don’t just mean that abortion is wrong, it is.  More than that, Roe V Wade is bad law constitutionally.  It should be repealed and sent back to the states.

Also, you should vote for Romney.

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That’s the theme of the Obama Administration, Nothing.

Thank you, Chrissy.  For once in your life you’ve told the truth.  The mystery to me is that you are fighting to reelect President Present.


Now we have THIS: Continue reading

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Joe Biden and His Great Big Shiney Mouth Problem

Last night during Joe Biden’s debate with Paul Ryan, this happened:

Biden ALWAYS says what he means.  Always says what he means.  Remember that when you hear him say things like this:



Joe Biden, he MEANS to be a racist.  At least, that is what he appears to say.  Don’t forget, Biden described Obama like this:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said.

The FIRST mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.

Seriously?  The first one.  No other black man has ever been articulate, bright, clean and nice looking.  Hunh.  Biden thinks that highly of all the other black men who have ever served this country.  Obama is the first.


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Thomas Peterffy – My New IBFF


Via AOS.

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Dear Kristen – Just for you.

Kristen left this comment on October 7th:

“I thought this was funny and agree on all points. As black woman in America I feel I have the right to act a damn fool every time I turn on the television and there is a trashy rap video or the news is depicting some uneducated fool talking about something on the news (which I am sure they skipped over ten articulate black people to find the one wearing gold fronts). The point is I feel insulted damn near everyday but I refuse to let it rule the best part of my life to the point I am angry all the time and unable to enjoy myself because of perceived and real slights.”

Just for you: Stacey Dash Responds to Attacks.*

Stacey Dash is a lovely, articulate black woman with no gold grill.  Just for you, Kristen.  Personally, I find it distressing when the idiots of all races are the ones interviewed.  GAH!  I don’t pretend to totally understand your pain when you see the foolish black women chosen for interviews, but I think I get it a little.  I hope Ms. Dash is a bit of a balm.

* I can’t figure out how to embed this video.  Hold on.

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9th Century Sensibilities

A mistake in Toulouse, France results in a near riot. A woman is slapped, though she may have provoked them. (Which I take to mean that she was present while having a vagina.)

Muslims need to learn how to be insulted, even accidentally without completely loosing their shit. Otherwise we will be required to seek a solution. Police your own, or be policed.

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Last night’s debate was sooooper delicious. I think Romney spanked Obama hard. It was a relief, I’d been worried and praying all day.

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Paul Ryan

OMG!  This news is about as happy as any I’ve ever had.  Love.  LOVE LOVE LOVE


The Budget-Nerd is strong in this one.

I know the liberals/progressives/Dems will talk about how he wants to kill gramma and all the poor people with his budget-fu.  No, he doesn’t.  He wants to keep all that helpy stuff funded and fiscally solvent.  As Iowahawk says, keeping Medicare as we know it will end Medicare as we know it.

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Teachers, Firefighters & the Popo

The sacred trinity of government workers – teachers, firefighters and police, are ALWAYS trotted out for any and all budget fights.  Any time budget cuts are brought up, the trinity is mentioned.  Liberal politicians site them as the reason for tax increases, otherwise some of the trinity will be laid off.  Conservatives are castigated for threatening to fire/lay off some of the trinity for every budget cut.

Never are the bureaucrats mentioned.  The mid-level administrators, the drones in the EPA, the GSA employees with the time to make videos – none of those jobs are ever offered up by the liberal ruling class for cutting.

Predictably, the Obama administration has trotted out the holy liberal trinity of jobs justifying outrageous spending as the reason to spend MORE taxpayer money.  Obviously, no one wants a community without teachers, firefighters and police.

This guy, and those like him, we can do without:

OF COURSE Obama doesn’t mean he would only hire firefighters, police and teachers.  OF COURSE not.  He means to expand the rolls of government employees in every sector, needed or not.  But lets force this administration to explicitly say what government jobs they mean to create, what fresh new government hell they mean to unleash.

Call the bluff – craft legislation that would allow the hiring of teachers, firefighters and police.  ONLY.  That’s it.  Just the trinity.  I would add, funding is only provided when these people are hired under a reasonable contract that includes contributions to their own health care and retirement. There can be absolutely no provision for hiring of anyone other than a teacher, firefighter or policeman/woman.  Definitions of those jobs must be included.  Public school teachers only.

That would be fun to watch.

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