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It’s a Trap!

The financial outlook for America is as dire as the Tea Party fears.  Probably much worse. Our co-citizens cannot seem to break off from the tit of sweet sweet government handouts.  To survive we MUST cut entitlements.  MUST, not want … Continue reading

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Remembrance – 9/11

Lest we forget as some are wont to do… First in New York: Then: And: Then in DC: And then in Shanksville, PA, a group of brave people bring down a fourth plane before it kills anyone other than themselves. … Continue reading

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UPDATED: More on “Neda”…

Via Allahpundit – an obit of Neda. Time has a piece up that hopefully gets the cultural things correct in regards to the consequences of “Neda’s” death. If true, 40 days from yesterday the mourning will get even more intense.  … Continue reading

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