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Our Trip West – Circa 1977

Today’s edition of The Way Back Machine brings us to the summer of 1977.  My parents decided to visit Mom’s parents and my sister Camy and her family in Sequim, Washinton.  We didn’t fly, we drove across country from Maryland … Continue reading

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Gallopin Gertie & Russia

Mom would tell us stories about “Gallopin Gertie”, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge that collapsed in November of 1940.  Mom grew up near there, in Bothell, Washington.  She would tell us about her father driving the family out onto the bridge … Continue reading

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Mom’s Aunt Rose

My Mother spoke about her Aunt Rose, my great Aunt, with deep love and respect.  I only remember the old woman, whom I liked.  Mom LOVED her Aunt Rose.  I was kinda suprised thinking about it that she didn’t name … Continue reading

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He Is Okay, But…

Thursday morning I got one of those phone calls everyone dreads. Annie: Vivian, what’s wrong with Dad? Me: What do you mean? Annie: He didn’t know me and seems very confused. Me: Okay, I’m coming home. Annie: I’ll meet you … Continue reading

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Cream of Memories Soup

Once upon a time, not to long ago, one of the most hated things in my life was the sight of a can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup in the trash when I came home from school. I hated those … Continue reading

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The Gold My Mother Left Me

Last week I had a chance to move two fairy roses from where they were dying to someplace new. One of the roses I planted in one of the front beds. The soil was okay, but it was basic Maryland … Continue reading

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Mom’s Funeral

I went back in time and pulled this out of a post I’d made to a Pancreas Cancer Support Group I was a part of when Mom died. Just wanted to post this here, make it permanent. ______________________________________________ The day … Continue reading

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Summer’s Dirge

It’s not my favorite month, for lots of reasons. It’s always freakishly hot, I don’t like hot. It’s the end of the summer, can’t much like that either. Two of my sisters were born during this month, and while I … Continue reading

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