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It’s Europe’s Fault!!! Also, George W. Bush!!!!

Mahkmood Ackmadoorsajar, leader of Iran, says that Europe is stealing his Iran’s rain. “Western countries have designed plans to cause drought in certain areas of the world, including Iran,” Mr Ahmadinejad said in the city of Arak in Markazi province. … Continue reading

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Protests in Iran – Updated

Via Instapundit. Live Blogging at Nite-Owl. More information at The Jawa Report and Gateway Pundit. From Gateway Pundit’s report – video of a crowd saving two men from being hanged, then the crowd being shot. – UPDATE: These men were … Continue reading

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Warmongers or Peacemakers…Bill Whittle

As usual, Bill Whittle correctly diagnoses the insanely wrongheaded policies of our current political class and current Administration in this edition of Afterburner.

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Iran – The Dead & Detained

The Green Revolution is ongoing in Iran.  The Guardian has a list of and pictures of the dead and detained. From the tweets and stories I’m reading, the protests continue.  Few news outlets are still covering the protests and the … Continue reading

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Updates on Iran Protests

Go Here, Here, Here, and Here. If you want some moment by moment updates, you can get them on Twitter. Tehran Bureau Oxfordgirl Iranian News IranBaan (This one often tweets in Persian.  But half her tweets are in English and … Continue reading

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On Honduras and Democracy

Unbelievably, I am forced to note that the leader of my country has sided with thugs, murderers and avowed dictators on the matter of Honduras.  It’s not that I don’t believe Obama holds these views.  It’s that I am unable … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Gateway Pundit Updates & Pics on Iran

UPDATE: The girl’s name was Neda. Her father was with her when she died.  Don’t forget her.  Pray for her family. Via the Corner/Jonah Goldberg – Gateway Pundit has pictures and updates from Iran.  I heard on Fox that a … Continue reading

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