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Muslims In America

This is a very non-in-depth sort of a post.  It’s really more of a commentary on the media. CNN posted a story about two young Muslim men who took a trip across America for Ramadan.  They visited 30 mosques in … Continue reading

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A World Without Nukes…

Via Instapundit, a photo essay on a World Without Nukes. Brilliant.

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The Rape of Nanking – As Told By Japanese Soldiers

Tamaki Matsuoka has put together a new documentary that, at last, has Japanese Soldiers admitting that they committed the acts attributed to them for so long. From the AP Article: Matsuoka was angered by accounts in her country’s textbooks that … Continue reading

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Reason & The Mistake on the Lake is running a fun, and informative, series on revitalizing Cleveland.  I’ve watched the first one, I liked it. There are unfortunately plenty of Rust Belt towns, including my favorite – Baltimore, to be revitalized.  Look long and hard at … Continue reading

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Neda Soltan – Times Person of the Year

The UK’s Times Online that is. They are right.  The footage of her death focused much needed attention on the Iranian regimes crazy time. Below are the videos of her death.  Why repost them?  Because the fight continues in Iran, … Continue reading

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The Fall of the Wall

How lovely and awesomely wonderful is it to be 20 years on this side of the Berlin Wall?  It’s wonderful to live in a world where the Iron Curtain fell.  I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember when … Continue reading

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Left vs Right – What Limbaugh Taught Us

Via Instapundit, this post on Chicago Boyz is quite brilliant. In my limited and only anecdotal experience*, people committed to a cause blindly are blind to truths that don’t fit the message.  Like a sibling of mine, who in most … Continue reading

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Warmongers or Peacemakers…Bill Whittle

As usual, Bill Whittle correctly diagnoses the insanely wrongheaded policies of our current political class and current Administration in this edition of Afterburner.

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The Ghost of Pictures Past

I was just clearing up my memory on my laptop and came across a picture I took in Lithuania of a mushroom: Since Journalspace died and ate all my posts for two whole frickin’ years! including the ones of my … Continue reading

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Movie Review – To End All Wars

On the anniversary of the beginning of WWII lastthis month, Steve Hayward at NRO gave a bleg for readers favorite WWII books.  I sent an email with mine, which I mentioned here.  He sent me an email suggesting I’d like … Continue reading

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