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Come on, Irene

Yeah, I know, obvious.  But you must admit, as a child of the 80’s, I had to go there. We’ve got a lovely backyard, there are flowers, gardens and trees.  Over the years we’ve had numerous trees fall in the … Continue reading

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I scanned a bunch of photos from my Aunt Rose’s photo album tonight.  This was my favorite of the non-peopled photos.  I love the ramshakleness of this abandoned tomb.  It shouldn’t be in color, it’s glorious just the way it … Continue reading

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I took about 250 pictures yesterday, this is my favorite.  My brother in law, Alex, was in perfect cannonball form.  It was a fun, fun day at Laura’s pool.

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Our Trip West – Circa 1977

Today’s edition of The Way Back Machine brings us to the summer of 1977.  My parents decided to visit Mom’s parents and my sister Camy and her family in Sequim, Washinton.  We didn’t fly, we drove across country from Maryland … Continue reading

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I am an American

My ethic/national background is complex and always requires a story to explain how I came to be a German-Irish-Peruvian American with actual pirate and smuggler forbears.  Yeah, like any of that makes sense. Except in America. I get asked what … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Pictures Past

I was just clearing up my memory on my laptop and came across a picture I took in Lithuania of a mushroom: Since Journalspace died and ate all my posts for two whole frickin’ years! including the ones of my … Continue reading

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Real Portraits

Sweetpea, The Mancub and Jujubee.  And yeah, that’s how they are.

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Transformers…More Than Meets the Eye…

Saturday, while sitting in my sister’s back yard during her husband’s birthday party we were treated to an electrical transformer explosion.  It sounded like a cannon went off, an old civil war cannon.  It was about 50 feet into the … Continue reading

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Dad Turns 80 Today

My father, Fred, turns 80 today.  He’s seen and done a lot in his life. He spent his first 6 years in pre-WWII Germany.  He is as German in thought and ways as he is American The rest of his … Continue reading

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More Snow – It’s Snowier

Look!  The snow is even more snowier just a few hours later! Earlier the bird feeders were empty.  The birds let me know.  They sat outside the door and gave me a “look”.  I let them.  We’ve been feeding them … Continue reading

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