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Today’s Blog of the Day – Iowahawk, and Other Stuff

Iowahawkis funny, profane, funny, and witty.  Did I mention funny?  His mockery of the system, politics and flapdoodlery is dead on hilarious.  A master of mockery. I’m still pondering what I think of the whole economic mess.  What I do … Continue reading

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Blogging – Must do more

There are just times that I must write, but I can’t, either because I’m in pain or because getting to the computer is just to much of a hassel. Hopefully that will change when I buy my birthday present to … Continue reading

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I’ve had several people tell me that they would like to leave comments, but don’t see how to do it. Below each post is a line that tells you when I posted, that there are 0 comments and a picture … Continue reading

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