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OMG…Just, O. M. G.

Iowahawk usually makes me at least chuckle.  This time?  OMG, just wrong.  So funny.  But, well, really wrong.  I mean that in a good way. May I present – Sarah Palin.  In your brain.

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In a response to my ever so INTENTIONALLY ridiculous “About” page, some leftist borg leaves me this absurd comment: What kind of label to describe yourself came in second place ? My guess… The Great Pretender I don’t think you … Continue reading

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I have no idea who did this, but it is cracking me up.

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I Love People…

People watching is my favorite sport, I can do it for hours.  The boardwalk at Ocean City, MD has provided HOURS of fun.  The airport is also an excellent venue for people watching, as is the emergency waiting room. My … Continue reading

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DM of the Rings

I just found this two days ago, maybe it was yesterday.  Whatever, doesn’t matter.  It’s funny as heck.  It reminds me of the dungeons I played through when I was younger, usually I was the one asleep at the table … Continue reading

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Cyber War For Iran!!!!

Right now the government of Iran is not just “cracking down on journalism”.  They are killing people over there and are actively looking for bloggers and tweeters to shut them down. Guess what, we can help!  I read on Ace … Continue reading

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Just because. Also, I read the headlines today.  Doom, it’s what’s for dinner.

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Pharology – A Vocabulary Lesson

This is where an interest in ancient history gives me thrills.  I had never seen that word before today, as soon as I saw it, I guessed what it meant, then when I read the rest of the sentence, I … Continue reading

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Striking Again, Like a Bird of Prey. Or Something

In his latest post but one, the fevered, bumper riddled brain of the dashing Dave Burge, aka Iowahawk, hits it like a predator on the hunt.  Or something.  I’m not even really sure what he said, or thought he was … Continue reading

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Yesterday on the Web

VDH: –This is why I love Victor Davis Hanson so.  Really love him. The Whittle: – And this is Eject! Eject! Eject!, Bill Whittle’s blog.  He’s brilliant.  Just brilliant.  If you go here you can see all his PJTV spots.  … Continue reading

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