*You can find my cooking blog at The Kitchens of Glome.

** The tagline on this blog is a sarcastic response to this report from Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security.  This report warned that people who are a) conservative, b) favor downsizing the federal government and c) oppose abortion are scary extremists and likely to become violent.  I fit all three, so I went ahead and labeled my self a right wing extremist.  Why go proactive?  Because, I’m a team player and I thought helping out Big Sis identify all us wacky small government/anti-murderabortion people who love the US Constitution so she can spend more time looking for these people.

Now, on to my “All About Me” list. Because “About” pages are everywhere, I thought I should have one.  I’ll keep updating this with facts about me.  I should warn you that I regard the definition of fact rather more loosely on this page of my blog than I do anywhere else.  I will leave it to you to figure out the truth from the fiction.

  1. I weigh enough to use gravity to my advantage in the war between the void of space and the earth.
  2. I’m tall enough that my feet always touch the ground when I stand.
  3. I’m not translucent. Today.
  4. Before, when I was young, I hadn’t aged as much as I have now.
  5. My tattoo is a drawing of a gift my mother gave me.
  6. I sometimes miss my faux-hawk
  7. On my 11th birthday I won a blue ribbon in 25 meter freestyle.
  8. Butterfly is the most beautiful swimming stroke.
  9. I like iced tea.
  10. I can crack all of my toes, even the little ones.
  11. Once and only once, I did a handstand on a sk8board down hill.
  12. I’ve killed flies with my awesome Mulan/Mr. Miyagi skillz.
  13. I can quote extensive passages of that classic “The Princess Bride”.
  14. I can also quote vast bits of that other classic “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.
  15. I know most of the words to “Every Sperm is Sacred”.
  16. Also, I’ve got nearly all of “The Lion in Winter” down pat.
  17. When watching a Kurt Russell/Kevin Costner movie I’m torn between watching more and kicking the TV.
  18. I’m in deep love with storms.  Deep.  Love.
  19. Oceans make me happier than mountains.
  20. Lakes are better than no water at all
  21. Swimming in a huge spring fed lake at 7:00 AM in Maine while the water steams is the best place to swim in the entire world.  Getting far enough from shore that I can barely see it and then swimming and swimming and swimming in total silence is pretty much heaven.
  22. Flipping over and floating until the steam burns off and day arrives in that lake in Maine is worship of God Almighty.
  23. I like mandolines.
  24. Five Guys fries rock.
  25. However, Five Guys fries only rock for the first few, but they give you too many so unless you get a small fries order for 6 people they get cold and you throw away 3/4th of the fries.
  26. I only like fries REALLY hot.
  27. Cold fries are teh suck.
  28. Cool, tepid and warm fries are all along teh suck continuum.
  29. Three day weekends are NOT teh suck.
  30. I enjoy gaitling guns.
  31. Not with my fries.
  32. Puunchie’s Eggplant Curry makes me weep with joy.
  33. Puunchie is also totally gorgeous.  Srsly
  34. But her Eggplant Curry makes me happy.  Deeply and resoundingly happy.
  35. Okay, ALL of her curry makes me happy, but the EGGPLANT curry is killer.
  36. I had the best breakfast yesterday at The Boatyard Bar and Grill in Annapolis.  It was 10 and they already had a full bar.  Not Restaurant, BAR.  That’s just pretty awesomely wonderful that they can mix serving that much booze that early in the morning and still putting out a crab and asparagus enhanced Eggs Benedict good enough to make you slap your mamma.
  37. Skies and Clouds are my favorites.
  38. Oceans are my favorites.
  39. Okay, I’m fond of the whole earth.
  40. I enjoy cuddling mai kitteh
  41. I do not enjoy cats fighting under my bed at midnight when I’m sleeping.
  42. I like plants.

3 Responses to About

  1. Don Smith says:

    What kind of label to describe yourself came in second place ?
    My guess… The Great Pretender
    I don’t think you completely understand what Right Wing is.
    Right Wing… def. The strong shall survive and the weak shall die.
    Left Wing… def. Civilization.
    You choose.

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  3. Don Smith says:


    Vivian or Louise
    It’s funny that you think I’m left wing, I’m the polar opposite.
    But most people who believe they’re right wing fall under that grey area of civilized.
    Let me guess, you must think Heaven is like a communist regime. One dictator, his son, and servants.
    Anything left of nature’s law is left.

    Don Smith

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