Dear Kristen – Just for you.

Kristen left this comment on October 7th:

“I thought this was funny and agree on all points. As black woman in America I feel I have the right to act a damn fool every time I turn on the television and there is a trashy rap video or the news is depicting some uneducated fool talking about something on the news (which I am sure they skipped over ten articulate black people to find the one wearing gold fronts). The point is I feel insulted damn near everyday but I refuse to let it rule the best part of my life to the point I am angry all the time and unable to enjoy myself because of perceived and real slights.”

Just for you: Stacey Dash Responds to Attacks.*

Stacey Dash is a lovely, articulate black woman with no gold grill.  Just for you, Kristen.  Personally, I find it distressing when the idiots of all races are the ones interviewed.  GAH!  I don’t pretend to totally understand your pain when you see the foolish black women chosen for interviews, but I think I get it a little.  I hope Ms. Dash is a bit of a balm.

* I can’t figure out how to embed this video.  Hold on.

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