9th Century Sensibilities

A mistake in Toulouse, France results in a near riot. A woman is slapped, though she may have provoked them. (Which I take to mean that she was present while having a vagina.)

Muslims need to learn how to be insulted, even accidentally without completely loosing their shit. Otherwise we will be required to seek a solution. Police your own, or be policed.

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  1. kristin says:

    “Which I take to mean that she was present while having a vagina”

    I thought this was funny and agree on all points. As black woman in America I feel I have the right to act a damn fool every time I turn on the television and there is a trashy rap video or the news is depicting some uneducated fool talking about something on the news (which I am sure they skipped over ten articulate black people to find the one wearing gold fronts). The point is I feel insulted damn near everyday but I refuse to let it rule the best part of my life to the point I am angry all the time and unable to enjoy myself because of perceived and real slights.

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